This website is a celebration of green energy and solar power in Wiveliscombe and, it is hoped, a source of advice and information to encourage more.

The equivalent of about 57% of Wivey’s domestic electricity is now generated from photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in the town.

Although we generate more than most, our area is not alone in seeing increases in solar electricity panels since 2010, prompted both by the government’s Feed-in Tariff and falling panel costs. But we are a small enough community to be able to record this growth. And many of us welcome it as another positive example of how we can create a green future, which cares for both people and our planet.

The Wivey Energy and Solar Power website provides information on solar power and other renewable energy installations in and near Wiveliscombe, links to advice on installing your own solar system and on energy saving, details of green energy suppliers and a blog for news and the exchange of views.

You are welcome to post your comments and questions, which can be posted on most pages as well as on posts in the blog.

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Energy is important

We all use energy for electricity, heating, travel and other purposes. Some sources are clean, some are polluting. Some will be ever-lasting, some will not. Some contribute to climate change from carbon emissions, some do not.

Renewable power is clean, ever-lasting and can be generated locally, including on your roof. It can have drawbacks, but these can be avoided or are small compared to other energy sources. What would you prefer?

We can make a difference

This website aims to encourage those who wish to save energy and generate renewable power through their own scheme or through their energy supplier. As well as helping to conserve the world’s resources, save money and contribute to creating a safer, more secure and better future for us all. Buying into renewable generation can also be a good investment.